Flourish Wellness LLC – IV Hydration and Injections

Intravenous (IV) Therapy delivers nutrients and minerals directly into your bloodstream bypassing the gastrointestinal tract to absorb vitamins faster.


What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Therapy delivers nutrients and minerals directly into your bloodstream bypassing the gastrointestinal tract to absorb vitamins faster. The different blends of vitamins and minerals assist in numerous medical conditions and symptoms including fatigue and dehydration while enhancing metabolism. The IV is administered by certified healthcare professionals to ensure safety.

Is IV Therapy For You ?

Have you had a night you can’t remember with too many drinks to count? Maybe you are an athlete and the amount of stress on your body is getting the best of you! Oh wait, maybe you’re having trouble with your skin and need that extra glow? Recent surgery and need help during the recovery period? Or just maybe you want to start your fitness journey by losing a few pounds.

Then again, you could be suffering from migraines that make doing daily task completely impossible! Whatever you are experiencing, let our certified healthcare team find a drip just for you that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and better than great! Let us help you FLOURISH! Welcome to Flourish Wellness!

Flourish Drips

Glow Getter Drip

(Beauty) Our beauty blend is perfect to assist in glowing skin. Our beauty drip rehydrates your cells to give you a glowing appearance.

The Athlete Drip

(Recovery, athletic performance) Perfect for athletes post-work out. Aid in muscle recovery from lost of nutrients and assist in endurance and performance. 

Nights We Can’t Remember

(Hangover Drip) Had the perfect night out and now paying for it with dehydration or a headache? Come see us! Rehydrate your body and relieve some of your symptoms including headache and nausea.

Defense Drip

(Immunity) Supports immune system, aids in recovery from sickness and/or recent surgery.

Flourish Drip

(Myer’s Cocktail, Wellness) General wellness is key! Our Myer’s Cocktail is our overall wellness drip. It provides the basic necessities to overall feel better.

Basic Drip

This is a bag of Normal Saline with no additives

Drip Me Skinny

Lipo Mini Mix with a Liter of fluids for hydration. The liter of fluids provides hydration and essential nutrients to reset your body while going through the process of breaking down fats.

Detox Drip

This drip is designated to assist your body in feeling like new and detox by providing a mix of powerful antioxidants directly into the blood stream

Flourish Shots


Take advantage of our Shot Package that includes 4 shots (Can be scheduled any time) for the price of $100. 


Cleanse and brightens the skin. This is the body’s most prevalent antioxidant.


Increases energy level, mood enhancer, mental sharpness

Lipo Mino Mix

Fat burner shot to assist in weight loss by stimulating your body’s natural metabolism. Recommended every 2 weeks.

Tri Immunity

Vit C injection strengthens immune system and assist in healing process. Don’t forget to ask about our shot packages on arrival

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